Save Rodman Tournament


April 17th, 2021 – Rodman Reservoir, Kenwood Landing. Safe Light ‘Til 3:00 pm – Entry Fee $115.00 (Includes Big Bass + Online Entry).
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    Tournament Rules

    • RULE CHANGES: Interpretation of rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Rules Committee. The decisions of said committee and tournament officials shall be final in all matters.
    • PARTICIPANTS AND ELIGIBILITY: Teams consist of no more than two (2) anglers of either sex; however, participants may fish alone. If a participant is under the age of 18 years, his or her partner must be of adult age and the adult partner must assume liability in all matters.
    • PRE-ENTRY: Boat numbers for launch sequence are determined as entry moneys are received.
    • OFF-LIMITS: There are no off limits for the purpose of pre-fishing. Starting at 2:30pm, there shall be no fishing beyond the check in boat to the ramp. All federal, state, or local laws, shall be adhered to. Including the no fishing regulation within the lock and designated no fishing area of the lock. Any violation shall be cause for disqualification.
    • SAFETY: Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Each competitor shall wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver when boat is on plane. No alcoholic beverages or any unprescribed stimulants or depressants shall be allowed to be consumed or possessed by any participant immediately before or during tournament hours.
    • SPORTSMANSHIP: Competitors are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation. ANY INFRACTION OF THESE FUNDAMENTAL SPORTING PRINCIPLES MAY BE DEEMED CAUSE FOR IIMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
    • TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait, prepared bait, or baits requiring electrical current, will be permitted with the exception of pork stripes, rinds, etc. Casting, spinning, or spin casting rods may not exceed a maximum length of 10-ft. Only one (1) rod may be in use at any time. All bass must be caught in a conventional sporting manner. Intentional foul hooking of bass is not permitted. Trolling is not permitted.
    • PENALTIES: A one pound (1) penalty for every minute late will be accessed against any team who fails to check in on time. Once a team is more than ten minutes late, team will be disqualified. A quarter pound (0.25) penalty will be assessed for each fish to include the Big Fish if determined to be dead. A one pound (1) penalty and loss of fish will be assessed for any fish deemed less than 14 inches in length. If a team presents more than (5) fish at weigh in, the entire days catch will be DQ’d.
    • BOAT AND MOTOR: ALL BOATS MUST MEET ALL US COAST GUARD STANDARDS AS REQUIRED BY THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE. ALL BOATS MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH AN OPPERABLE IGNITION KILL SWITCH. This ignition kill switch must be attached to the driver's body any time the boat is on plane. No air boats or pontoon boats allowed; however, this tournament is open to all brands of boats meeting these requirements. Every boat must have all required US Coast Guard approved safety equipment. In addition, the boat must have a functional live well capable of maintaining a limit of fish alive.
    • PERMITTED ACTIVITIES DURING TIMES OF EMERGENCY: A contestant may only depart the boat during times of extreme weather or time of life emergency. COMPETITORS MUST LEAVE AND RETURN TO THE OFFICIAL CHECKINPOINT BY BOAT. During times of motor emergency, competitors may return to weigh-in with their catch in another competitor's boat. The two catches may never be combined. At least one member from each team must be present in the returning boat at check in and at weigh in. Trailering of boats during tournament hours is prohibited. Swapping of boats can only be done by direction of tournament officials.
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  • By submitting this entry form I acknowledge having read all rules governing this tournament and do hereby agree to them. I also assume all responsibility in my conduct before, during, and after the tournament and release all persons, corporations, and any parties associated with this tournament from all liability. I agree to take and successfully pass a polygraph test if asked to do so by tournament officials before winnings are received. Participants hereby authorize the use of their name and/or likeness as well as that of their boat, free from further consideration, for promotion and advertising purposes in any media form and reproduction, including but not limited to, radio, television, internet, newspaper, brochure, and video.

    **QUESTIONS? – Please call Daniel Tillis 352-572-3148

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