Points Race

1) Each team will receive 25 points once they pay their entry.

2) Teams weighing in fish will receive extra points as follows:

    1st    2nd        3rd    4th    5th    6th     7th     8th      9th    10th    11th and so one will be one point increments.
    200    195    190    185    180    174    168    162    156    150    144

3) The top 3 teams will be awarded cash prizes at the end of the season. Payouts will be done on after the conclusion of the Classic Day 2         weigh in. Amount of Prizes depends on monies raised at the open tournaments (Designed to raise money for the classic fund and points race, 50% goes to classic pot and 50% goes to the points race)

Tournaments Fished

Big Bass of the Year Side Pot

1) $20 per angler. Must be paid before angler fishes a tournament. Also angler must fish a minimum of 5 tournaments to be eligible to win the pot. Largest Bass (based on weight) wins the pot. If said angler does not meet the eligibility requirements then the next largest bass caught by an an angler meeting the requirements will win the pot.

2) During a tournament all anglers on a team must be in the side pot in order for any bass caught to be counted as the Big Bass of the year.

Brandon Spillman is currently leading the Big Bass of the Year Sidepot with his 10.12lb Lake Apopka Younder!!! Big Bass Pot is currently at $1,400!!!